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I have received many requests for help on setting up web sites, registering domain names and getting paid for putting ads on the web site. This page is intended to answer most of these questions. If after reading this you still have some unresolved questions, or you have other suggestions that you feel should be included here, please feel free to email Baraban.Com and we will do our best to respond. We will keep this page updated and add more valuable tips, so check back often!

Want to know how to win at the "Game of Internet?"

Here are five Internet golden rules. They all seem rather basic, but there are many folks out there running sites that ignore them completely and fail as a result. Do these five things well and you can be the next Internet millionaire, or ignore them and let your competition eat you alive.

  1. Be different.
  2. Encourage repeat visitors.
  3. Don't miss promotion opportunities.
  4. Keep the design simple.
  5. Get paid.

Want the least expensive way to get and have hosted your own top-level domain name?

Here is a simple, yet effective five-step process to get you everything you need to register and host a premium top level .com, .net or .org domain name. All for only $35 per year!

  1. Register for a FREE Geocities from Yahoo! Web site and FREE email.
  2. Find and register an available top level domain name through a Network Solutions search box below. Use (Host NIC handle: NS21039-HST) for primary DNS and (Host NIC handle: NS21040-HST) for the secondary. Specify The Public DNS (NIC handle: DT145-ORG) as your technical contact.
  3. Register for FREE primary and secondary DNS service from Granite Canyon. Use IN A statement to point your top level domain name to
  4. Register for Capibara URL mapper to associate with your Geocities web address.
  5. Make sure your site is always up using one of the fine FREE services listed at Adbility.
Network Solutions Logo Hey, are you available? Enter your domain name here and find out.

Viola, you are done! Give everyone your new prestigious top level domain name, and when they enter it in their modern web browser, they will see your site on Geocities. Of course I used Geocities here just as example. There are plenty of other free providers of web hosting space. All these companies make their living by putting banner ads on the free sites they host. But if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars, they can remove those pesky ads. Or else spend a few more $ and save yourself a lot of time by getting your internet hosting, DNS and domain name registration through one source, ICOM is our favorite at only $8.25 / month for their ECCO package, with 45MB of web space included. And if you need more space (200MB) and a great set of additional features at no extra cost, consider spending $180 up front to get your website hosted at NoMonthlyFees - that's the service that we use at Baraban.Com.

Now, wouldn't it be nice to make your site look like it was designed by professionals?

Well, here is your opportunity to do just that - get Web Clip Empire 250,000, a collection of 12 CD's of professional quality art to use as you see fit for your web site design for only $39.95 (This incredible collection of Web art normally sells for $89.95.)

Want some easy ways to add FREE content, attract repeat visitors and get paid for it?

Here are four ways to do just that: Display top jobs on your site from this FREE Job Bank and get your visitors to come back more often. Or how about a FREE Dating Service or FREE Auctions or dirt cheap Long Distance phone service for your web site - these services are better than free, because you actually get paid when the visitors you refer make a purchase. Not only that, but all three also offer co-branding, so you can easily make their site look like it is a part of yours.

Want to buy, sell or trade advertising space on your site?

As your site develops, you will need to find ways to attract new visitors. One way to do that is to particpate in a banner exchange program. Many such programs exist, most are free, yet some may be much better for your site then others. Two key factors to look at are, who else is participating and the exchange ratio. Targeting works best if there are participants with related web businesses and the closer the exchange ratio is to 1 for 1, the more exposure you get for your site. Baraban.Com offers a FREE 1 for 1 banner exchange program for sites interested in Russian speaking audiences outside the Former Soviet Union. If you are looking to buy or sell advertising space, you may want to take a look at one of these four services: ClickTrade - Is a great way to set up your own affiliate program and reward your affiliates on a pay-per-click, lead or sale basis. ValueClick - is internet's largest results-based advertising network, guaranteeing results for buyers and sellers of online advertising, by paying only when customers click on ads and visit websites. Also Websponsors is a great service that can put good quality advertisers on your site quickly. Last, but not least is my personal favorite beFree on They have some of the highest quality affiliate programs. But why limit yourself to just one of these programs? Sign up for all four services and pick and choose advertisers that work best on your site.

Want to get real serious about your web business?

If you are planning to sell something right on your site, you will most likely need to accept credit cards. Just like with anything else, there are plenty of ways for you to do this as well. By far the easiest and least expensive in terms of start up costs, is to farm it out to a third party that specializes in credit card processing. ETI is our favorite.

Need more advice on how to do it right?

If you are thirsty for more information, please visit eHits and learn how to convert all those hits into more sales! This group of experts teach advanced Internet marketing skills and business tactics that work. Everything from top search engine tricks and web marketing tips, secrets and techniques to graphic art techniques -- all designed to drive mega traffic to your website and make your products sell like crazy! Finally, if you want to avoid a lot of the hassle, would like to have your site located on Baraban.Com server or just need a guiding hand, Baraban.Com can help. Email us at for all web hosting and design related inquires.

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